Building the critical mass for real change on climate action, social justice and democratic reform

perfect storm


We face the simultaneous crises of climate inaction, social injustice and corrupted democracy - at the same time as the worst cost of living crisis in decades. We face a perfect storm.

Our country is angry and divided and our business-as-usual politics is failing to deliver the solutions we need. There is no political will to enact the solutions to the challenges we face - and no collective voice calling for politicians to break free of party politics and act for the common good.


We aim to build a movement demanding bold solutions to the problems we face. Our data-driven approach will provide a foundation to underpin the movement for change.

We will unite people around the common ground they share and rally people to demand a cross-party alliance that will end business-as-usual politics, win power, and then deliver the bold solutions we need on climate action, social justice and democratic reform.

unity landscape

Unity is the force that can overcome political barriers to bring about transformative change.


Realism will create the urgency needed to break through stale ideological standpoints.


Hope will be ignited by taking unified, realistic actions for the common good.


Our campaign will evidence the common ground shared by the British public - the solutions to the problems we face that have majority public support across political boundaries. 

We will create a positive narrative for transformative change based around our common ground. We will engage, activate and unite our audience to demand that politicians think and act differently - including cooperation between opposition parties for the common good.

The common ground we share is the catalyst for transformative change.

It is the unified force to rally people around shared goals for climate action, social justice and democratic reform.

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social justice

"The Conservatives have been in power for three-quarters of the past century - and they don't look like losing an election anytime soon. Labour cannot win alone. Only a progressive alliance can break the Tory stranglehold on our democracy. We need to come together to change the whole system for the common good."

simong duffy
Dr. SIMON DUFFY Director, Centre for Welfare Reform

"The Common Ground is not left or right, but forward. We all benefit from resolving issues like poverty and climate change. We have no time for bickering, showboating and nepotism and it is now a survival imperative that we find a way to bring the adults back into the room to work together for the benefit of everyone."

James Lock Founder, Opus Independents